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hoof boot fitting

"Closeness, friendship, affection - keeping your own horse
means all these things." - Bertrand Leclair

“It’s All in the Fit”
If you are new to the world of hoof boots the sheer number of makes, styles, fits and sizes can be quite intimidating – and believe me, it can be very easy to end up with a pair of boots that don’t properly fit your horse if you have not enlisted the help of an experienced hoof boot dealer.

When I talk about the “fit” of a hoof boot, I’m not just talking about the boot size – I’m talking about the style of the boot too – what type of tread does it have, is it high or low profile, what type of material is it made out of, how does it secure, to pad or not to pad? If your horse does need pads does the frog need to develop or does it need relief? These are just some of the questions I go over with you once I have determined where, when and how you ride your horse. All of these things matter when you are selecting the boot that will not only properly fit your horse, but will also fit the way you ride.

I specialize in EasyCare boots but if or when the situation warrants it I will go to another make or model to ensure that both horse and rider have their needs met.

EasyBoot Glove
EasyBoot Edge
EasyBoot Old Mac G2
Comfort Pad System

As an Official EasyCare Dealer I can order any equipment and/or accessories you may need. Some discounted prices are available to current clients only.

For more information on the EasyCare Products,
please visit their website at http://www.easycareinc.com/

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