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The information provided within is not intended to medicinally prescribe or diagnose in any way, nor is it meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. We suggest you consult your veterinarian before pursuing any form of treatment for your animals.
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Our Mission...
At "No Horsing Around, LLC" our goal is to help make life better for companion animals and the people who love them by providing easy access to exceptional natural products and holistic practices & services.

Horses, and Dogs, and Cats...Oh My!!!
"Go Natural!" is the theme we strive to live by when it comes to the care of our animals. More and more often we come across companion animals with different behavioral and/or physical issues brought on as a result of living in a domesticated yet highly commercialized and over-processed environment. We believe that getting back to basics and working with the animal to help them heal themselves whenever possible is usually the most effective way to go. Of course we always recommend consulting with your vet to make sure there are no underlying issues that need to be addressed.

Recognizing Hoof Distortion
and How It Affects Hoof Function

So you think your horse is a great mover…but are they really?

Get the actual story behind what your horse’s hooves are telling you, how that may translate into improper movement and what can be done to correct it.

Get a basic understanding of:
• How a horse SHOULD move
• Why proper movement is so important to overall health
• Issues that can occur from improper movement
• When to suspect your horse’s hooves are out of balance

Click here to read more or Contact us to schedule a full assessment today

We welcome you to browse our website to see how we can assist you through our products and services to bring health, harmony and happiness into your best friend's every day life!

Our Store is Now OPEN!


The “Go Natural” theme at “No Horsing Around” along with a growing public desire for alternative options to promote good health for our animal companions has prompted us to establish a product line to help our clients achieve and support this goal.

Our basic approach includes a good, wholesome and well balanced diet inclusive of supplements and body work in order to keep our animal’s immune systems strong, so they will be more capable of warding off potential health issues before they can become a real problem. For animals that do develop imbalances or illnesses we want to offer alternative products and services that work with and support an animal’s natural ability to heal themselves.

Every product we carry has been researched and then tested in-house not only to familiarize ourselves with the products and their potential effectiveness, but to give us the means to more successfully help our clients find the item that might best address the needs of the individual animal. WE'VE DONE THE RESEARCH SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO! Of course results may vary since all animals are different and we can only tell you what we’ve experienced with our own animals.

So how do we choose our products?
All of the products we carry have to meet certain criteria in order to be offered through our store. Ideally we look for “all natural” products that will help an animal heal themselves; which means you will find items containing herbs, homeopathic remedies, essential oils, and other ingredients that compliment the physiology of our animal friends. Of course we also recognize that throughout history, science has made some amazing discoveries when it comes to animal health so we will always keep our minds open to investigating and promoting new products.

Part of our selection process includes a thorough investigation of the ingredients. If there is even just one ingredient that is considered “toxic” in that it may cause harm or have residual effects we will not carry the product. Basically, if we wouldn’t use a product on our own animals (or ourselves!) we simply would not recommend it to our clients. Have you read the ingredients on your favorite products lately? You may be surprised – or shocked may be the better word!

Additionally, we will not carry products that we believe would be detrimental to the overall health of your animal – short term or long term. For instance, we will not carry certain horse treats because research has shown that too much sugar and starch can have negative health effects on our equine friends including PSSM (polysaccharide storage myopathy), laminitis and IR (Insulin Resistance) to name a few. Again, if it’s not something we would feed to our own animals we certainly aren’t going to recommend that you feed it to yours!

The Bottom Line
The bottom line is that “No Horsing Around” is truly dedicated to helping you and your animals live a long, happy and healthy life; and we aim to support that initiative through our products as well as through the services we provide.

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